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Family Law:

The largest percentage of Mr. Irgens' practice is devoted to family law. Divorce, custody, relocation with children, interstate custody disputes, domestic violence, child support, spousal maintenance, division of property and debt, are issues that many spouses must resolve in divorce. Mr. Irgens believes that the most important factor in effective representation of the client in any legal dispute is the client's relationship with the attorney and making the client's issues the focus of representation so that realistic goals in divorce can be reached in the divorce process. Personal and confidential consultation with the client throughout the divorce process is essential for effective representation, whether the resolution of the divorce is reached by an agreement of the parties and counsel or whether the matter is fiercely litigated in court.

Out of State Clients:

Mr. Irgens has experience representing out of state clients in Arizona cases for divorce, custody, child support, relocation, custodial interference cases, and interstate custody and jurisdiction disputes. Using our modern technology, Mr. Irgens has experience representing out of state clients effectively and efficiently even though the attorney and client have a long distance relationship.

Dispute Resolution:

During the divorce process and in ongoing custody matters between parties represented by other attorneys in Mohave County, Mr. Irgens has acted as a mediator for private mediation between the parties and has also been appointed as a private special master by agreement of the parties and counsel.

The Collaborative Divorce Approach:

In cases where parties are able to cooperate and are committed to resolving the issues without the increased costs of litigation, Mr. Irgens has facilitated a collaborative approach to divorce with the client's goal of resolution as the primary focus. With the increasing congestion of the court system, parties are often able to resolve there issues quickly and effectively, and proceed with a final divorce decree by consent without having to appear in court. If you are interested in a collaborative approach to divorce, ask Mr. Irgens at your initial consultation, whether the collaborative approach would be effective for your specific case.